7 ways to make your house beautiful and healthy during the rainy season

7 ways to make your house beautiful and healthy during the rainy season

7 ways to make your house beautiful and healthy during the rainy season

         Every season, the house faces the erosion of heat, scorching sun, storm and raindrops. Such an environment will make the house look old and dilapidated. For the rainy monsoon, storms and rain are the factors that make houses quickly age and dilapidated. If the paint quality of the house is poor or not good enough, even more

          Except the color will fall off, making it look unattractive. It can also cause mold and moss. Our house looks dilapidated and uncomfortable for the eyes. But today, I have 7 ways to take care of each other during the rainy season. Try our house, it will definitely restore its beauty, not look worn-out.

1..Always observe cracks.  
In fact, if you check for leaks and break the house during such rainy seasons, everyone should do. Such as roofs, walls and joints of various materials should be urgently notified to experts and technicians to see if you encounter these problems, because if you let it, there will definitely be a big problem.


2. Clean the floor carefully. 
In the rainy season, it is necessary to check whether all doors and windows in the house are closed. Make sure that rain does not splash into the house. When the rain stops, we should wipe the water dry. Including the floor outside the house, you must work harder because all soil stains may make people outside look unsightly. The more water we leave, the water will be submerged until it is caught by the moss, which can easily lead to accidents and slips. If they are left for a long time, these stains will become more difficult to remove.

3. Cut off big branches 
When we enter the rainy season, we will find that the area around the house
is full of sand and fallen leaves, so we should cut off some branches. Because
in addition to making the house look more open, it also reduces the chance
of branching the felled trees until it also causes damage


4. Clear the rain gutter 
This season, wind and rain often connect branches and leaves to prevent
drainage. This may cause water to flow back into the house. Of course,
another problem will definitely arise. Easy to prevent is trying to remove all
obstacles in the rain gutter itself

5. Clear the drain 
In addition to the rain gutter drain pipes that must be removed, the water pipes should be cleaned regularly due to leaves, branches, debris and other foreign objects that are easy to block.


6. Move furniture 
Although outdoor furniture is designed to withstand sunlight, but every time it is exposed to rain, of course, these furniture will deteriorate. This is a simple method of prevention and it should be moved to a shade or corner to minimize rain or, if it cannot be avoided, it should be covered with canvas.

7. Paint the house 
If the house paint starts to peel off or the old house becomes gray, painting the new house with certain paints will help prevent the walls from getting old soon. Especially those made of wood require special attention.

If in the process of choosing a new house, we should carefully study the
details of the materials used inside and outside the house to keep our home
beautiful and strong in every season.


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