HOME GROWN TREES (for home oxygen enhancement)

HOME GROWN TREES (for home oxygen enhancement)

      Planting trees indoors Change the atmosphere in the house and
help to prevent many diseases.

In urban conditions we are faced with a lot of dust, whether it is pollution from dust, car smoke or pollution on the road. Even though we are in a residential building the problem of dust and smoke cannot be avoided completely. Today we would like to introduce a tree that can be planted indoors. To help absorb toxins from dust and smoke and also to protect the body from allergies and to maintain health in the body by planting 3 types of trees in the building as follows:


1. Areca Palm Palm is highly effective in eliminating Carbon dioxide And converted to oxygen If you want to increase the efficiency of air purification It is recommended to plant palm palm. The height of the adult shoulder is 4 plants or 1.5 meters to increase the efficiency of carbon dioxide absorption. Should check clean leaves And take out in the sun outdoors every 3 to 4 months.


2. Mother – in – law’s Tongue The dragon tongue is effective in converting carbon dioxide to oxygen as well. Especially at night Therefore often planted in the bedroom For fresh air to rest For best performance, choose 6 to 8 lignagorn plants that are approximately 1 meter tall.


3. Money Plant Alkaline betel is a plant that is easy to grow and commonly seen. But in fact, the alkali betel also has the ability to remove Formaldehyde (or formaldehyde or body bath) and other volatile chemicals as well.

   In addition, Kamal Meattle experimented with planting three types of trees in a 50,000 square foot (20 year) old building, occupying 300 people, planting 1,200 of these three trees in 10 hours. Blood rose 42% and continued trials showed 52% decrease in eye irritation in the building, 34% reduction in respiratory disease, 24% drop in headache and 24% reduction in lung disease. 12% and asthma decreased by 9%. It is a confirmation that these 3 plants can definitely help the atmosphere in the building.

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