The 6 benefits of building a home with lightweight bricks

The 6 benefits of building a home with lightweight bricks

6 advantages of building houses with light bricks 

Light brick is a new type of concrete product. It is made of natural ingredients, including Portland cement, sand, lime, gypsum, water and a special mixture of dispersants with a unique formula. Most production uses imported technology and machinery.

In addition, lightweight concrete blocks of various thicknesses have been produced to suit the needs and applications. Therefore, the lightweight concrete block is a modern building material, committed to make full use of all its aspects.

Advantages of lightweight bricks 

1. Mud thermal lightweight aerated bricks are porous; this feature helps to release heat. In order to keep the indoor temperature good, it can keep the internal temperature better and it also helps to reduce the electricity bill for using air conditioners by more than 15%


2. Saving structure Due to the size and weight of lightweight concrete
blocks, the load of beams, columns, columns and foundations will not
reduce weight, thus saving structure. Or if the structure is not reduced,
it will increase the safety factor of the building.


3. The production standard size, because the “light brick” has the
characteristics and dimensions that meet the production standard. Therefore, it is suitable for the area, so it is designed to be calculated according to the required area and meets the standard. Therefore, it is worried that the space and gap or the construction of the wall is not satisfied at all. Moreover, the size is accurate, and the beautiful and smooth can be obtained with certainty.


4. Maintain good sound insulation. The lightweight brick wall keeps all kinds of sounds in the house and reduces the noise coming into the house from outside the house, does not disturb neighbors, and provides privacy. Because of the structure of lightweight concrete brick, there are many bubbles inside, so it can Absorb sound well.


5. To reduce the problem of cracking, the aerated concrete block has the exact size and size, the less the number of walls per square meter, the easier it is to use. A simpler scene is obtained and the material is less flexible and causes less cracking problems.


6. Can handle stress well. This is the heart of the house built with lightweight bricks. Because the wall of the lightweight brick itself is strong enough. Since the raw materials used in the production include cement, sand, lime, gypsum, bubble diffuser and steel bars, they can withstand pressure well. Therefore, it has a longer life than the adobe.


Choose to use the construction method by laying “light bricks” in order
to maximize the benefits of actual residents.


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