Solve the problem of birds coming up on the balcony of the house

Solve the problem of birds coming up on the balcony of the house

For the problem of birds who like to stay on the balcony of the house and disturb by making a lot of noise on the balcony. Sometimes, they may build a
nest and lay eggs on the porch, or may have young birds coming live in. Therefore, do not let the birds come to live on the balcony, or it may lead to more prooblems. Today there is a simple technique for chasing pigeons by yourself.


1. Make the birds see their own reflection  opt for a CD or a plastic bag with water. Then hang it in the area where the birds intervene, such as the balcony
of various iron railings When a bird sees its own reflection, it will fly away. The CD is a way for birds to see light reflected in the distance. It is an easy way that does not require much investment.

2. Bird Trickers This method is the same as chasing the birds in the fields, by looking for a bird sculpture or a bird-shaped inflatable doll to hang in the area where birds like to fly. These birds will not fly to disturb us again.

3. Netting is one of the most popular ways to repel birds is by stretching the net over the balcony. It’s best to choose a net with holes so as not to obscure
the view. It is another method that works quite well. The birds won’t come to
disturb for sure.


4. Cable tie or plastic cable ties Who would have thought that this would prevent birds from sticking to the balcony? Just have the end of the belt pointing outwards and a frequent space between the belt lines will make the birds unable to land on the balcony.


5. Raising animals for chasing birds Some houses use animal farming methods to chase birds. There are birds that are big and terrifying like the hawks. It is believed that the scent of this type of animals will cause disturbing birds to dare to enter the area. Or some people may choose to keep cats on the balcony instead. Certainly, the birds will not dare to come near.

6. Planting trees : For anyone who loves to plant trees and wants to make our balcony free from bothersome and become a small garden as well, try to plant trees that have branches that prevent birds from coming to the island. Like a tree with thorns for example, the cactus arranged on the balcony can help prevent birds from disturbing.


7. ปูด้วยกระดาษหนังสือพิมพ์ อุปกรณ์ใกล้ตัวที่สามารถนำมาใช้ประโยชน์ได้ โดยการนำหนังสือพิมพ์ที่อ่านแล้วมาปูบริเวณที่นกชอบเกาะหรือปล่อยของเสีย โดยการนำเทปกาวติดขอบระเบียงหรือพื้นระเบียง เพื่อกันหนังสือพิมพ์ปลิว หากนกพิราบบินมาเหยียบและเตรียมปล่อยของเสีย มันจะตกใจเสียงเนื้อกระดาษ และไม่กล้าเดินต่อ รวมถึงไม่กล้าบินลงมาเกาะที่ระเบียงของเราอีก


8. Take care of cleaning the area.This is the best and most appropriate method because it solves the problem at the root. Cleaning the area that birds like because of the reason why birds often fly to and land in any area may be because the area is favorable for nesting. Therefore, it should be regularly cleaned and may be washed with vinegar to give the area a pungent smell that birds do not like.

From various techniques that have been described in this article. Try to adapt
them to the suitable area of your home. We certify that wisdom birds who like
to fly very much around our house balcony will surely go away. Do not forget
the most important thing is to keep the area clean and neat.

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