The secret of taking care of your “garden”at home

The secret of taking care of your “garden”at home

The secret of taking care of your “garden”at home

This article is suitable for people who are shopping for houses and are considering using turf for decoration or lawn construction. Because grass will always make our home as beautiful as new.

Keep the soil in good condition, the grass stays durable and needs more care

Soil is an important part of growing grass. In order to make the grass grow beautiful and strong, the first important thing to pay attention to is the soil. If the soil is good, our grass will be beautiful. The simple way to take care of the soil must be nutrient by fertilization, just like the supplement of the soil, so that the grass gets all the nutrients and minerals. In terms of fighting diseases caused by plants, it also helps to enhance immunity to grass blades.

Before fertilizing, the nutrients and minerals in the soil must be checked. To know that our soil lacks any minerals or nutrients. Then bring fertilizers with various nutrients. The land is torn up and put in. If you buy maintenance fertilizer, you can add it at will. This may lead to imperfect mineral soil, and may be harmful to the death of rivers, canals and plants. Besides knowing fertilizer. They must also know how to restore soil conditions. They may choose to use high-quality fertilizers such as organic or biological fertilizers and plant them underground to help cultivate the soil to provide oxygen channels and provide more convenient access to nutrients.

Take care of the grass like a child and don’t let pests and weeds harm the grass

If one day you find a foreign body on the grass on the lawn, whether it is weeds infiltrating the lawn or pests. This seems to be a red flag that our soil is in trouble. Initially, if there are unusually dense weeds. It can be assumed that the soil below has become dense clay. When this happens, the solution is to prepare the soil and plant new grass. Therefore, the best prevention method is to review the first part of soil maintenance and feeding. Don’t let the soil deteriorate, it may cause weeds, and our grass is not pretty. This also makes the surrounding environment house not very attractive. When a pesticide is injected, it will fill the house with pesticide residues, posing a threat to the environment of both humans and pets. Therefore, to get rid of weeds, we should choose pesticides that contain natural ingredients. They may be more expensive than conventional pesticides, but they are much less dangerous. And can better protect the environment around the house

The basic methods of caring for the grassland are: replenish water, cut the grass, and leave some leaves to make the grassland beautiful

The last essential method is the classic turf care methods, such as watering, shoveling and mowing. The secret of this ultimate care lies in mowing. However, the cut must not be too short. Because if the grass is too short or is cut off at the root of the plant, it will affect the root and cause the grass to die. In addition, grazing should be frequent. In order to let the grass produce new shoots, this will make our lawn greener. If done once a week, it will beautify your lawn and make your house a nice place.

As for the watering method, it should be appropriately reduced, not too much or too little. Every morning, before the sun comes out, you can water them regularly and sprinkle water on the lawn without too much or not enough water. The trick in this article is not watering but it will be different in different types of grass. Some species like a lot of water and require a lot of maintenance. Some species do not require very tedious maintenance. Here, if you know that the type of grass to be planted is different, it will save time to care for the grass.

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